January 13, 2021

Well Testing/ PFAS Information

What is PFAS?

Why is the City of La Crosse conducting potable well sampling?

The City of La Crosse is conducting potable well sampling due to potential risk associated with per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS contamination in groundwater has been identified at and in the vicinity of the La Crosse Regional Airport.

To better understand the extent of PFAS contamination in groundwater and potential exposure to the community, the City of La Crosse is sampling potable wells to ensure that community residents have accurate information regarding potential PFAS in their potable wells that may contain PFAS from contaminated groundwater.

Initial PFAS test results

If you are outside of the testing areas and wish to conduct your own PFAS testing, you can find a list of Wisconsin certified labs here


Additional information can be found here: Cityoflacrosse.org/wells


Contact information

The OS Group

John Storlie, PG



Tim Kabat, Mayor

City of La Crosse